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2019 Nehalem Bay 
Helicopter camp-out

August 9th - 11th 2019

Nehalem Bay Oregon

This is a privately organized event by and for HHA CFIs and students to fly to Nehalem Bay for a 2 night camping trip. We are flying multiple Helicopters to the campsite, which is located on Nehalem Bay airport (3S7). Additionally we are taking 2-3 cars to transport camping equipment, food, firewood and luggage for participants. CFIs/Students are potentially also able to join this camp-out in one of the cars (space is limited).

If you are interested in joining this trip, please sign up by July 17th!

We plan to have a meeting on July 17th, where we discuss food/beverages and logistics. 

If you want to help with the organization and coordination or have any more questions, please contact Jordan Mack