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Pilot Training

Get a head start on your career as an airplane pilot at Hillsboro Aero Academy—our experience and flight school reputation make it possible to fly anywhere in the world. If working for an airline is your dream job, we can help you get there.

Why flight training in the US is better then in Europe

To be able to be successful as a Pilot, you will need flight hours. Most jobs in Europe require at least 500 or even 1000 flight hours with almost no opportunities for low-hour pilots, who just finished their flight training. In the United States on the other hand, there are plenty of opportunities like flight instruction, tour companies, agriculture flying and even some cargo operations, that low hour pilots can take. Hillsboro Aero Academy offers a so called F1 visa which allows our graduates to work for up to two years after completing their training. During this period, pilots can fly up to 1500-2000 hours, which will improve their job chances in Europe significantly. It is however important to remember that you will need to convert your pilot license to the european EASA one, to be able to work in Europe or the UK. 





Hillsboro graduates are well known and respected all over the aviation industry. Since 1980, we trained thousands of pilots, who are working for airlines and cargo companies worldwide. HAA has multiple flow-through programs with airlines and other companies, that value the quality of our graduates. Some of these are open to our international students.


Hillsboro Aero Academy is the first Part 141 flightschool worldwide, to receive the “International Standart for Business Aircraft Operations" (IS/BAO) accreditation. This accreditation shows our commitment to safety and our safety management system, that is used to educate pilots and improve safe aircraft operations.


Why chose Hillsboro Heli Academy?

According to a Boeing study the airline industry is expecting an unprecedented pilot shortage over the next 20 years. An additional 790 000 pilots will be needed to keep up with the worldwide demand for air travel. Thanks to our F1 visa with CPT and OPT, our graduates can get a head-start by working in the US for up to two years. During this time they can gain experience by working in flightschools, tour companies, freight operators and even with some airlines.